Saturday, January 31, 2009

New pic of Bear

I was out playing around with the camera and got a pretty good shot of the big bear. I'm learning quickly how important good light is.

Here's one I got of Bear's buddy Scout. I did a little post production with Photoshop and Lucisart.

Friday, January 30, 2009

So the IT guy did it.....

I managed to get a virus on my laptop (not a virus technically, but a very nasty piece of malware). Even though I'm a Systems Administrator, and (at least was) an anti-virus specialist (I implemented the entire new anti virus infrastructure at my last job) I somehow managed to get bit. Here's the run down of how: I had a piece of software that required some add on's, so I googled them. I found a couple sites where I could grab the config's and presets, so I downloaded them. When I opened one of the files, my best of breed antivirus scanner (ESET Nod32) started kicking out alerts. Generally it is very good at cutting off connections if a file is questionable and stopping just about everything, but this time it didn't.

All of the sudden I knew somthing was wrong, disk activity was pegged out and my task bar and desktop would dissapear and reappear over and over (a sign that the malware is killing the explorer.exe process and it is trying to restart). I figured out that I had a variant of Virtumonde/Vundo which is SUPER nasty and hard to get rid of because it creates totally random dll's and registry entries. I managed to get some scans going with a couple products but nothing was working. I stumbled on a couple of dedicated fix tools (vundofix and combofix) but there was mention of the product Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and how it is basically a total Vundo killer. Back in the day, Adaware and Spybot were about all you needed to clean up most nasties, but they're largely ineffective against newer, more advanced malware like Virtumonde/Vundo. So I'm totally prepared for hours of clean up, and I've already resinged myself to having to restore/reformat. I download Malwarebytes and kick off a scan. It runs, finds the offending registry entries and files, reboots the machine and it is back to normal. I was suspicious that all was well, and ran scans with 7 different anti-virus/anti-malware products, including the dedicated Vundo tools, and it was 100% clean. I was completely amazed. No manual removal, nothing. I thought I would post this as a PSA for you guys since Vundo can be such a pain in the ass. If you have any issues with malware, the first thing I would do is grab Malwarebytes and run it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

New dog training technique

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Saturday, January 17, 2009

new toy!

I've always wanted to get into photography more seriously, so I decided with prices dropping on DSLR's, that I was gonna get something. I decided on a Canon EOS Rebel XS, and it's pretty cool so far. It's gonna take a while to get the hang of shooting manual stuff, so I've been using auto alot and playing around with some of the other settings to try and learn them. Comared to pro SLR's, it's alot simpler, and should be good for a noob like me. Here are a couple decent pics I got last night and this morning.

Edit: Here's one more I liked: