Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stop Puppy Mills

We need to shut down puppy mills and all pet stores that support them (Petland is the biggest). Never ever every buy anything from a pet store that sells live animals. I know alot of you feel bad for the puppies there and want to get them out, but you're just perpetuating the cycle. You can make smart ass comments about PETA and shit all you want (they are whackjobs, don't get me wrong) but you are 100%, absolutely ignorant if you don't see an issue with these practices. You watch this video and tell me what's acceptable about this. They're tough to watch, fyi.

You'll never stop monsters like this by appealing to their "sensible" sides, because they don't have them. They see nothing wrong with it. You need to hit them in the pocketbooks. Boycott Petland, and every other store that sells live dogs or cats. If you're on facebook, join this group:

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Sara B said...

I cried my eyes out watching that first video. Anyone who cares at all about dogs or cats needs to support this cause.

Shelly Fire said...

I hope Stonegate isn't the same because I just bought one from there.

Brian said...

That first video is pretty horrible.

Shelly Fire said...

172 dogs removed from property

PARKER, S.D. — The Humane Society said 172 dogs were removed from unsanitary conditions in Turner County where it said the property owner was breeding dogs and selling them online.

The investigation began after a consumer who bought a sick puppy lodged a complaint. Second Chance Rescue called in the Humane Society and the Turner County sheriff’s department.

The Humane Society said many of the dogs appeared to have skin and eye infections, untreated medical conditions and parasite infestation.

The dogs were removed from a property near Hurley on Wednesday and moved to temporary shelter at the county fairgrounds in Parker.