Thursday, June 04, 2009

Something to think about

I want to make one thing clear before I post this; I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I think our government is (and has been) severely broken for decades as a two party system (or at least the US' implementation of it) is absolutely absurd. I'm yet to see a representative from either party who wasn't an idiot, liar or both. I didn't like Clinton or Bush, but frankly Obama scares the hell out of me. He now controls GM, because they were "too big to fail" pumping money into them knowing full well they'd fail and the reorganization would allow the government to appoint who best fit their agenda. I don't necessarily think Obama's a bad person, but we're setting extremely dangerous precedents here. I think everyone (including his supporters) knew it was absolutely impossible for him to pull off what he promised to get elected (par for the course for politicians in general, I know) but now it's coming full circle with him "considering" taxing our health care dollars (which he made very clear he was opposed to during the election). The people that most feverously support him typically know the least about what actually makes our country function, especially in the financial sector. Perhaps the scariest thing about this administration (which draws a very close parallel with pre WWII Germany) is the fact that people are ostracized for openly criticizing him, and are actually becoming afraid to do so. Honestly, I'm scared. I'm not a right wing nutjob, and frankly have very few opinions when it comes to most of the trivial issues that so many people get bent out of shape over, but we need to take a 30,000 foot view of the entire picture here. If we step back and look objectively at what's happening, it's not right. Honestly, if George Bush had tried to make these exact same sweeping changes, do you think it would have been well received? Absolutely not, but put a different wrapper on the package and the entire country's eyes glaze over and nod in acceptance. If you have 5 minutes, click the link below and read the article. It sent chills up my spine.


d. eris said...

"I think our government is (and has been) severely broken for decades as a two party system . . . is absolutely absurd." In many ways, Obama is simply continuing Bush era policies, as you put it, with different packaging. Unfortunately though, I have to disagree that the two-party system is 'broken.' The system reproduces itself, and continues to empower itself and the interests it represents (those of the political class and the corporate oligarchy) as opposed to advancing the interests of the US public. This is the success of the two-party system. A feature, not a bug, as the saying goes.

Justin Fox said...

I don't know man. Honestly (and I'm no expert) with our current two party system I think we're never going to get a really good candidate. We just going to have to keep deciding between the lesser of two evils (whoever is the most marketable at the time). I'm not going to lie, I don't like Obama, but I sure as hell wasn't voting for McCain. I'm socially liberal and extremely fiscally conservative which leaves me in a weird spot. Obama has done some good things (stem cells, fixing our rep w/other countries, etc) I just don't like being punished while other people have their terrible decisions rewarded (you really think you are entitled to a 500,000k house when you make $8 an hour?).

Shelly Fire said...

Bush 41 = progressive
Clinton = progressive
Bush 43 = progressive
Obama = progressive

The prob;em is that there is not even a two party system. There is a one party system.

A. Rae said...

I agree with Shelly. That is exactly right.

steven said...

Wow, Sara should feel comfort knowing you could always get a job with Fox news, or maybe co-write a book with Dick Morris or Anne Coulter, or maybe even fill in for Joe the Plumber. I'm pretty sure they too all believe Obama is Hitler and anyone who thinks he is trying to do good (read clean up a mess) is a complete idiot. Now all you have to do is stop believing in science and think Katrina was punishment for the gays and you're all the way there. Personally I think Obama is going to take all our tax money (how much have your taxes gone up again?), put it into HIS GM, and make cars that gas the working poor. That's his secret socialist Nazi agenda. You should be scared. I would much rather him start wars, torture, imprison US citizens with no rights or trial, replace science with faith, make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and let Wall Street and the banking industry do whatever they want (cuz they have the common man in mind). And to Shelly Fire - to say Bush 1 is Clinton is Bush 2 is Obama is so laughable I can't believe I'm even responding to it. Where have you been the last 20 years? But what do I know, my eyes are still glazed over. (But he's soooo cute!)

steven said...

And clicking that link did send chills up my spine. Once I stopped laughing. Stock the cellar! The apocalypse is coming! I'm sorry but really, take a deep breath and get a hold of yourselves. That's all the same crap i've been reading for years. Here's the playbook. Blame the media. Call Obama an inexperienced socialist. Blame the media again. Call all his followers idiots. Blame the media. Make sure you get in that Germany/Nazi reference. Make sure you get in something about marriage being between a man and a woman. Is everyone scared yet? No. Then - Nazis! Socialists! Gays! Big Government! Taxes! Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!