Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to Johnny's

So while our bathroom was getting worked on, we split town and went to Fargo and I stayed with Johnny-5, his common law wife Johnna and their new baybay Jack. I brought the camera along to take some snaps of something other than my dog and living room. Here's some good ones from the trip.

Jack chillin under the lights

Aww Jackhammer awwww
So Johnny 5 has himself a pair of crazy half border collie/aussies that fetch like it's their job. Here are some pics I tried with the 55-250is using continuous (rapidfire) shooting high speed shutter.
Go to it dawgs

Ragnar getting primed
Remus gettin the frisbee
Ragnar gets HUGE air when he goes for the frisbee, it was hard to catch cause my lens kept backfocusing on the house and stuff in the background


A. Rae said...

Justin, is there anything you CAN'T do? Great pictures!

Eric said...

Tell Shea to get on FB so he can watch the video of himself sleeping

Justin Fox said...

There's a video of Shea sleeeping? Sounds creepy. I like it.