Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today I want to talk to you about truth in advertising. I've seen alot of liquidy, condiment type products that advertise that they're sporting a "stay clean" cap. This winds up being bullshit about 85% of the time. In fact, I've never had a "stay clean" cap stay clean at all. Usually they just clog up with nasty dried (insert name of condiment here). And when that little mayo missile comes rocketing out it's generally followed by gush of far too much of whatever you wanted a little of.

There is one cap that I have found fufills the epic prophecy of staying clean. It is the one attached to this sweet ass bottle of Heinz ketchup. These bottles haven't been cleaned or altered at all. I haven't done anything to this bottle since I bought it oh so many months ago. Its damn near empty and perfectly clean. Observe:

Now lets take a look at mr. mustard here:

Not clean, totally unacceptable. This is what I mean folks. I don't ask much of my condiments, but don't lie to me about it's peformance, then use it as a selling point. I am personally crafting an email for Heinz right now telling them that I support them and their packaging. I support their ketchup too, obviously. It's the greatest ketchup on the planet. Hunt's? Seriously? You can't even put that shit in the same category as Heinz, and as far as I know that's their "closest" competitor. I've given other ketchup a fair shake. I've bought generic stuff from multiple grocery stores, Hunts, Hunt's organic, and just about every other kind that has been on sale at one time or another and it all sucks compated to Heinz. This is about more than ketchup people; this a prime example of completely and totally dominating your competitors in your respective arena. This is like bringing a rocket launcher to a pillow fight. A sexy, delicious, ketchupy pillow fight.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday and snowy as hell

We've been hearing that Minneapolis was going to get a bunch of snow for the last few days, but it never wound up being more than 1-2 inches at a time. Well, today we woke up to a couple inches and it's been snowing continuously ever since. I think we're up to like 4-5, with the potential for another 3-4. The shitty thing is that I have to go into work tonight at like 11:00pm, right when it's supposed to be the worst. I busted out the snow chief and pushed it pretty hard, and now I'm running out of room to blow snow (the little strip between my neighbor's driveway and ours is getting to be 4 feet high with snow in some spots. Here are a couple pics of the roads right after they plowed:
I finally got some new cooking knives (I've been lusting after a set of Shun's forever, but they've always been too expensive). So the other day on Woot.com they had a woot-off and these bad boys popped up. It's a 7 piece set of the "Alton's Angles" Shun's, which are the same as they're "Classic" series, but with a 10 degree angle on the handles, which I didn't know if I would like or not but they feel so natural in your hand its awesome. They're VG-10 super steel with the Pakka wood handles. They've got a 16 degree edge on the blades, as opposed to the traditional 22 degree edge that german knives have. Before 16 was too thin to be strong, but with VG-10 and the damascus (layered) construction these are super strong. Plus, unlike alot of other japanese knives these are stainless. I'm jacked to use them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I finally armed myself

We have sort of an unruly bunch of bastards in my group at work. They all have nerf dart guns and assault each other regularly, so I had to arm myself. I picked up this bad chicken last night and I'm ready to start letting loose here after my next meeting.

:edit: Last night I wound up having to stay late with a few guys to get some patches pushed out and we had and EPIC nerf battle. I think there was like 70 darts laying in the hallway when we were done. At one point I was hiding under a desk. Good fun.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Man=0, Wild=1

'Shock and agony': Dangerous airlift rescue for injured explorer Bear Grylls after Antarctic fall

By Laura Collins
Last updated at 3:06 PM on 07th December 2008

Daredevil SAS man-turned-explorer Bear Grylls was being airlifted to the UK after being badly injured while on an independent expedition in Antarctica.

The 34-year-old adventurer broke his shoulder in a life-threatening fall and was said to be in ‘shock and agony’ from a serious fracture which left the bone protruding from his body.

The accident happened at 11pm British time on Friday, and Bear’s insurance company arranged for his evacuation by air ambulance for urgent medical treatment, at an estimated cost of £60,000.

Daredevil: Bear Grylls broke his shoulder

Daredevil: Bear Grylls broke his shoulder

Bear was injured during the making of his latest daredevil documentary, a bid to scale an unnamed mountain after travelling across the Antarctic on jet-skis, a wind-powered kite-ski and an electric-powered para-glider.

The aim of the expedition, which was not part of filming for the Discovery Channel, was to promote alternative energy and bioethanol as a source of power, as well as raising funds for the children’s charity Global Angels.

If successful, Bear and his team of four had planned to name the 9,000ft peak. But it is uncertain if the bid will now be possible, though Bear is reportedly determined to return to Antarctica.

The airlift operation itself was fraught with danger as it meant flying into hostile conditions with temperatures plummeting to -35C and a landscape of 1,000ft ice cliffs with 700 miles of high altitude plateau.

:Original Article here:

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So over the long weekend...

Sara's family was here, so we ate and drank a whole bunch. They bought us some pretty awesome tickets for the vikings game on Sunday night (4th row, near the 50 yard line). Here are a couple pics from the game:

Before the game in my first piece of Vikings apparel:

Good seats right behind the vikes bench:

Someone's got some money apparently (dude was in his mid 70's and had a slightly younger, slightly augmented girlfriend)

Sara actually caught a shirt! But for some reason, it was a Rambo shirt?! WTF?
So, after the game, I was slightly intoxicated and managed to crush my index finger on my right hand in the car door. It hurt like hell (of course) but I didn't realize how bad it was till the next day when it was swelling like crazy and it almost brought me to tears any time I brushed anything. I went to the doctor and they burned a hole in my nail to let some the blood out from underneath, and I got some x-rays. It's not broken (very close to the knuckle though) and there is a lot of soft tissue damage, so he didn't know how long it would take to heal.

Here's me assessing the damage (and almost crying pulling the bandaid off)
And what do we have underneath (warning, gross)