Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scooterkid v.2

So captain flapjacks was out on his rascal again today and managed to get it stuck in some lady's yard. Him and his little engineer buddy spent a good 20 minutes trying to get it unstuckified. Like a good neighbor, I took pictures to post on teh interweb.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're doomed - V.robotswilltakeover

This freaks me out bad. The Big Dog Quadruped robot adjusts and corrects itself in real time like a human would, and can run like 20mph and jump, etc. I have nightmares about this thing chasing me through the woods. It seems kind of insignificant until you see them 1) try to kick it over, and 2) when it hits an ice patch. Scary. Skynet is becoming self aware.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been neglecting my blogging duties as of late. Luckily for all my readers, Macho has been taking care of the downtime with horrendously embarrassing videos of himself dancing as an adolescent. We spent last week getting our office ready to paint as Sara detailed on her blog. This week, we're having a finish carpenter come out and replace all the trim on our windows. The clowns that put our windows in did a number on the trim, and we decided it wasn't real nice to begin with, so instead of rigging it up we're just going to replace it. Its not like its rocket science, but they are stool and apron style windows (with a sill) and honestly I have problems cutting 45 degree angles. The trim is a pretty prominent part of our house since we have big windows, so we figured it was worth the money to get it done right. I'll get some before, during and after pics up when we start. In the interim we haven't had any blinds because the window guys used these stupid filler pieces on the trim, so we don't have a square surface to mount them too. The neighbors have been getting alot of free shows.

We finally picked a guy to re-finish our oak floors too. Its tough cause in Bismarck or GF you've got like 5-6 choices for any kind of trade stuff, and here you have like 500-1000 (not including independents from Craigslist). We had like 3 guys come out and look at the floors and wound up going with the first guy because he was priced really well and is going to use non-toxic water based polyurethane.

The bike business has been going pretty well, had 4 bikes to tune up in the last few days, and I've got a guy who is having me build him a Surly Crosscheck and another guy that is getting a rebuild done on a Madone. Today I've actually got to pound out two more tune-ups before I can do anything else. What sucks is not having a parts washer though. God it sucks having to degrease parts in your laundry room sink. I wish we had a harbor freight around here so I could go pick up a cheap ass benchtop one. Actually I think we do have a Harbor Freight around here, but its in Brooklyn Park which is ghetto and I don't want to go there.

Ok, so I've got some interesting neighbors. There are alot of kids in my neighborhood and most of them suck pretty bad and have zero parental supervision for the most part. There is this one house at the end of the street where some lady in her late hundreds lives with some super shady looking handicapped guy with a prosthetic leg (probably her son) and this fat latino lookin kid. So, as of late this little butterball has been ripping around the neighborhood on what I can only assume is this handicapped dudes rascal scooter. Tubby will pile like 4 kids on this thing and just do hot laps, drive across lawns (not my lawn because I'm pretty sure they're aware I would shoot them) pull kids on rollerblades, etc. Its totally ridiculous. Lunch box came rippin by while I'm sitting here and I snapped some pics for you:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now that I watch this again, I'm having second thoughts about posting it, but wtf.

there's a decent back story that goes with this vid. Feel free to tl;dr this because i'm told the vid stands on its own, but the story is lol imo.

I made this video when I was about 13. In case you're wondering about the attire, the top is a combination of outfits my mother made for herself in the late 60's. The vest was for a different outfit and the "shirt" is really a long dress. Ironically, I felt wearing a dress was too fruity, so I put on my dad's hunting sweats and tucked the excess down into them. After making the vid, my buddy came over and I showed it to him, quite proud of myself. He was used to my weird shit and was like w/e so we headed out and went fishing. At that point, the vid was tucked away and more or less forgotten about. When I was 15, my buddies, Jason and Mike, and I starting taking my camera and working up our own little skits for our own amusement. At some point on one evening I remembered my old vid. I busted it out having not watched it in 2 years (which is a looong time when you're 15) thinking it might get some chuckles. Of course now, I'm deep in puberty and a little more aware of what "gay" is. We watch the vid and my friends almost vomited from laughter. I was genuinely embarrassed, something I was known for never being. Many times after that when I would have additional friends over, my two good buddies would try to make me show people the tape. I always refused. On one occasion they tried to strong arm it from me and in 38 years of combined friendship between these two, it was the only "real" scuffle we've ever been in. After that incident, they finally stopped asking.

Later that summer, I was over at Jason's house and was going to sleep over. It was in the early evening and as we were throwing the football around in the front yard, this chick I knew from my lake pulls up in front of his house in her car with a bunch of friends. This was a shock as I only knew her from my lake(where we had fooled around a few times) and she lived in a different town. She had called my mom and gotten Jason's address. Jason is standing in the yard holding the ball while I'm in the road talking to her. She invites me to the mall. Without hesitation, I jump in her car via the window and climb across her lap as she speeds away, leaving my best friend standing there wondering wtf I was doing. I hung out with her until about 11pm and went home. The next day I called my buddy, not realizing how big of a prick maneuver that was. He's irate. I believe his exact words to me before hanging up on me were, "you better come get your fucking bike before I smash the shit out of it". Later that week, I apologized, and he forgave me and all was well. The one caveat being that i had to accept the fact that he "owed me one".

Jump to our junior year in high school. One day, I go to school and at first all was normal. I noticed that Jason wasn't at his locker, ours were only 15 feet apart. This was odd because I'd seen him in the halls and I normally saw him at his locker between every class. Somewhere around 4th period I noticed people looking at me and laughing. Slowly as time went on the odd person would be like "*laughing* What's up Macho? Nice moves!". I encountered a few of these odd things throughout the day and was truly baffled. It got more frequent as the day went on. The REALLY odd thing is that this was not just coming from kids in my grade, but 9th, 10th, and 12th graders. I'm sitting in 7th hour Psych class and the bell has yet to ring and people are milling about. The teacher comes over to my desk and says, "so, you gonna do a little dancing for us? Those were some pretty groovy moves, man". I said, " Alright Mr. F, do you know what the heck is going on? People have been saying weird crap to me all day and I don't have any idea what is going on. What are you talking about? "
At this point, he informs me that at about 8am that morning, a half an hour before class started, Jason, who knows I am NEVER at school earlier than 1 minute before bell, went up and down the hallway stopping random people, gathering a total of about 40 students and staff, and telling them to go into the Health room to watch this:

Groove is in the Heart from Eric J. on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


We had my brother in law Steve and his wife/gf Erin visiting this weekend, and it was fun. We ate and drank alot, and thats about it. It was beautiful out so we rocked off a couple of new york strips on the grill and hung out on the deck. Of course today its super gloomy and rainy, but thats ok. Maybe it will wash some of the 11ty billion pounds of road salt away.

We got our shiny new windows put in last week. The windows themselves are great, but they did a shitty job on patching up the trim on the inside of the house (they're not finish carpenters, they just try to work around whats there). So we've been having some master finishers come out and give estimates on just redoing all the trim on the windows to match. That should be another fun bill. We're also getting ready to start working on our office. Its this crappy yellow color, and they used totally flat paint that marks really easily (like if you run your finger across the wall it will show). It also has a sort of half-assed chair rail and these weird things they used to hang these kids abc poster things. All that in addition to the 35 or so holes from drywall anchors that I've filled in but not bothered to sand or paint yet (classy). So, we're gonna tear all the crap off the walls, patch it, sand it, and paint it before we get the floors refinished in the next month or so. I'll post before and after pics and all that. I would have with the windows but they pretty much look exactly the same, but new.

Speaking of spending money, this morning Sara decided she wanted a new phone so she doused her Razr with a cup of coffee. It freaked a litttle, then I got it back up and running. I was dumb enough then to shut it off and turn it back on (before she got her contacts of course) and it literally started sizzling and got super hot and shit the bed. We ran out and got her the new Samsung Gleam, which has pretty much the most amazing screen and crazy graphic menu's I've ever seen. Expensive cup of coffee.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Two things....

1) This:

2) Is it possible to poop a whole tater tot?