Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So over the long weekend...

Sara's family was here, so we ate and drank a whole bunch. They bought us some pretty awesome tickets for the vikings game on Sunday night (4th row, near the 50 yard line). Here are a couple pics from the game:

Before the game in my first piece of Vikings apparel:

Good seats right behind the vikes bench:

Someone's got some money apparently (dude was in his mid 70's and had a slightly younger, slightly augmented girlfriend)

Sara actually caught a shirt! But for some reason, it was a Rambo shirt?! WTF?
So, after the game, I was slightly intoxicated and managed to crush my index finger on my right hand in the car door. It hurt like hell (of course) but I didn't realize how bad it was till the next day when it was swelling like crazy and it almost brought me to tears any time I brushed anything. I went to the doctor and they burned a hole in my nail to let some the blood out from underneath, and I got some x-rays. It's not broken (very close to the knuckle though) and there is a lot of soft tissue damage, so he didn't know how long it would take to heal.

Here's me assessing the damage (and almost crying pulling the bandaid off)
And what do we have underneath (warning, gross)


Jeff said...

One of your best posts.

Shelly Fire said...

lol, you went to a doctor? Wussy.

Next time, call me. I have experience with this.


Shelly Fire said...


The vid is kinda long, just jump to the 3 minute mark.

Justin Fox said...

Oh, I've seen the video before. Did you wind up losing your fingernail that time?

Shelly Fire said...

eventually, yeah. It took a while for the nail to come off. From the looks of yours it probably will too. My nail is still screwed up looking from it.

A. Rae said...

Was that gal really that old dude's girlfriend? WTF.

Justin Fox said...

Oh yea. We thought it might have been his daughter or something...till he patted her on the ass a few times, lol