Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday and snowy as hell

We've been hearing that Minneapolis was going to get a bunch of snow for the last few days, but it never wound up being more than 1-2 inches at a time. Well, today we woke up to a couple inches and it's been snowing continuously ever since. I think we're up to like 4-5, with the potential for another 3-4. The shitty thing is that I have to go into work tonight at like 11:00pm, right when it's supposed to be the worst. I busted out the snow chief and pushed it pretty hard, and now I'm running out of room to blow snow (the little strip between my neighbor's driveway and ours is getting to be 4 feet high with snow in some spots. Here are a couple pics of the roads right after they plowed:
I finally got some new cooking knives (I've been lusting after a set of Shun's forever, but they've always been too expensive). So the other day on they had a woot-off and these bad boys popped up. It's a 7 piece set of the "Alton's Angles" Shun's, which are the same as they're "Classic" series, but with a 10 degree angle on the handles, which I didn't know if I would like or not but they feel so natural in your hand its awesome. They're VG-10 super steel with the Pakka wood handles. They've got a 16 degree edge on the blades, as opposed to the traditional 22 degree edge that german knives have. Before 16 was too thin to be strong, but with VG-10 and the damascus (layered) construction these are super strong. Plus, unlike alot of other japanese knives these are stainless. I'm jacked to use them.


pw said...

Just take the snowchief and blow to the street.
Sweet knifes, always a pleasure to prepare food with quality stuff. You can probably cut off the bad finger and not even notice.
Have a good holiday.

Brian said...

First a nerf gun, and now the knives. You're really doing a wonderful job of arming yourself.

The pity the thief who breaks into your house.

Justin Fox said...

no doubt. I'm going to start trying to juggle them pretty soon i think.

Shelly Fire said...

dude, you need to get out of the south for a bit if you think that little powdering of fluff is photo/blog worthy. Sad.

btw, I'm driving to Naples, FL in 2 days