Saturday, November 01, 2008

Two posts in one day

So I must have posted too early. I'm at Menards today and I called Sara to see if we needed draino. She proceeds to tell me that water is dripping from the ceiling in the basement. If you've been to my house, you've probably seen some water spots on one of the ceiling tiles in the basement (there is some bad grout in the floor tile outside the shower that will leak if the shower curtain isn't closed right). Well, this was in a totally different spot. I get home and check it out and it's not from the shower oddly enough. I pull the tiles out and start digging around and see that whatever it is is still leaking pretty good. I figure out where it is and go back up stairs. Sure as shit, the water supply line to the toilet is leaking and had been for a while. I shut the water off and pull the line and hustled over to the hardware store (because I had to pee and needed to fix it). Luckliy they were open.

So I get the toilet fixed and the water cleaned up. We eat dinner and I walk Bear. When I get home, I try to close the garage door and it jams. This isn't unusual as it's shitty and gets off track and jams alot. Usually you just have to stop it, and start it again and it goes. I try like 3 times and nothing. I go out there and what do you know, the door is fuxored. The top panel (which has been sketchy for a while) split and the metal frame folded. Awesome. I guess I get to shell out a grand or so to get that fixed this week. Sometimes I wish I still rented.


Shelly Fire said...

Isn't home ownership awesome ?

Justin Fox said...

lolz. I love having my own house, but it hurts the pocketbook.