Sunday, April 06, 2008


We had my brother in law Steve and his wife/gf Erin visiting this weekend, and it was fun. We ate and drank alot, and thats about it. It was beautiful out so we rocked off a couple of new york strips on the grill and hung out on the deck. Of course today its super gloomy and rainy, but thats ok. Maybe it will wash some of the 11ty billion pounds of road salt away.

We got our shiny new windows put in last week. The windows themselves are great, but they did a shitty job on patching up the trim on the inside of the house (they're not finish carpenters, they just try to work around whats there). So we've been having some master finishers come out and give estimates on just redoing all the trim on the windows to match. That should be another fun bill. We're also getting ready to start working on our office. Its this crappy yellow color, and they used totally flat paint that marks really easily (like if you run your finger across the wall it will show). It also has a sort of half-assed chair rail and these weird things they used to hang these kids abc poster things. All that in addition to the 35 or so holes from drywall anchors that I've filled in but not bothered to sand or paint yet (classy). So, we're gonna tear all the crap off the walls, patch it, sand it, and paint it before we get the floors refinished in the next month or so. I'll post before and after pics and all that. I would have with the windows but they pretty much look exactly the same, but new.

Speaking of spending money, this morning Sara decided she wanted a new phone so she doused her Razr with a cup of coffee. It freaked a litttle, then I got it back up and running. I was dumb enough then to shut it off and turn it back on (before she got her contacts of course) and it literally started sizzling and got super hot and shit the bed. We ran out and got her the new Samsung Gleam, which has pretty much the most amazing screen and crazy graphic menu's I've ever seen. Expensive cup of coffee.


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