Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sweet Stealth Theme for WIndows XP

I really like having simple themes for windows, and don't like bright colors at all. I used to use Windowsblinds or StyleXP to load cracked and custom themes on my machine, but I ran into some kind of quirky system glitches. The one I always loaded was a straight black XP theme, with really not much else modified except the colors.

Well, I found this baby the other day (it might be old but new to me). Its a factory theme from Microsoft (so no cracks involved, just run the installer) that they were using to promote the Zune music player. Its an all black theme with only the start button being orange. Its sweet, here's a screen shot of my desktop, with a carbon fiber wallpaper to boot:

Like I said, its all Microsoft, so there aren't any changes to your system. Here's the link to the download of the Zune theme from Microsoft: Zune Theme.


Sara B said...

Actually, I'm the one that found the stealth theme. And I took the screen shot of MY desktop and J-wad got ahold of it. He stole it and posted it on his blog so he can take all the credit for it. Punk.

Brian said...



Shelly Fire said...

daddy likes