Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mutt Pack buddy discount

Hey everyone, my friend Matt from The Mutt Pack gave me a coupon for a "buddy discount" on the Traveler version of the Mutt Pack. It's normally $69.96, but with the code its $45, thats 35% off roughly. He figured that it would be good to get it off the ground by getting some people hooked up for cheap. Sara and I just got ours and it's pretty awesome.

So, to get the discount, go to and select whatever color "Traveler" model Mutt Pack that you want, and at check out enter the coupon code: 25OFF03070 which should get the total to $45.

Feel free to pass this coupon code on to your friends, it will be good for a week or so.


Sara B said...

We got one and they are sweet, believe me. If you ever travel with your dog, they are well worth it. And you can hang the traveler up in your house as well. I know all you dog owners want one!