Saturday, March 15, 2008

Its finally the weekend

I can't believe how excited I am not to have to work. I am getting really sick of working. Not my job necessarily, just working in general. We're straight chillin today, my buddy Marc is coming over to help me with some stuff for the Fox Cycle website and I'm going to fix a couple things around the house.

We're getting new windows in the next few weeks, so we're excited for that. We're having them all custom made and getting them with this crazy heat mirror technology built in. It is the same type of stuff they use on all glass office buildings to keep them insulated. I guess they just started making the technology available to consumers a few years ago. Anyway that is cool, and we've had a couple contractors come out to give us estimates on refinishing our hardwood floors. Its nice but the two bedrooms aren't finished or weren't refinished with the rest of them so they look like crap. It should be pretty awesome. We're getting this super heavy duty water based polyurethane put on called "Traffic" which is apparently some pretty incredible stuff.

The bike business is slowly starting to pick up some steam. I've got a couple tune ups scheduled for next weekend, and some more inquiries coming in. Big thanks to Brain for helping me get the rest of the tools I needed, you're the best in the business. We got our Mutt Pack put up and we're lovin it. Sara's taking off with the Bear next weekend so she'll get to put the travel part to the test. Here it is in all its glory:

Last week we got to go see the Wild play San Jose for free which was cool. Remember all that virus business I was crying about last week? Well, the manager for the production floor systems group gave me some tickets for my troubles. They were awesome seats, but there really aren't too many bad seats in the Xcel Energy Center anyway. Here's a couple shots from the game:


Brian said...

That's awesome about the windows. We need new windows pretty badly too. Ours are old, crappy, and let the air in nicely. Thank god for plastic window coverings for winter.

Justin Fox said...

I'm excited about getting them, I'm just not that excited about paying for them.

Shelly Fire said...

Where s Sara going?

Justin Fox said...

She's heading back to Bismarck for Easter. Bringing the Bear back with her, so I get a weekend off from him (she's got training the next two weekends, so I'll be full time dad). Should make for an interesting car ride. The only time he's been in a car for more than 45 minutes was when he was trucked up here from Arkansas.