Saturday, February 16, 2008


So its a lovely, sunny and almost warm saturday afternoon in Minneapolis. I took the big bear out for a walk this morning, and somehow he still had the energy to annoy the shit out of me for most of the morning. I decided it was a good idea to take him to the dog park despite the fact that he is now (all of the sudden) snarly and growly with some other dogs (boxer's in particular). We have no idea where when or how this came about since he pretty much grew up playing with other dogs at the dog park, but we've been told its more than likely because he's not a puppy anymore. Its not like he'd ever do anything, it just scares people when he starts making noise.

So, we went and I bombed a bunch of 50 yard tennis ball tosses with the chuck-it to try to get some energy out of him. He did good, only got snippy with one Weimeraner sp?). I decide since its already 1:30, its time for some Summit's and a burrito. I head off to the liquor store by my house and who do I run into??? Chad DeGroot, the pro BMX'er. He had a name tag on, so he must have been at the Penn Cycle across the street for some promo stuff or something. Thats all I've got, so here are a couple random pics.