Sunday, February 24, 2008

Decent, cheap desktop computer on WOOT today

If any of you guys need a halfway decent computer for a basic main machine, or maybe a spare computer for kids or something, Woot! has a deal today that is a fairly decent refurbished Acer desktop w/Windows Vista Basic and some ok specs for $255.00 shipped. There is an rss link to the daily woot on the links section of the page here, or you can click here. If you don't know the deal with Woot, they have one deal everyday and they run that deal until the end of the day or until they sell out. It's usually something technology related, but I've seen some pretty random stuff on there.


Shelly Fire said...

So much for Sara's laptop, eh?

pw said...

Do you have to get Sara a bigger bag to carry that Acer around?

Justin Fox said...

No, got another motherboard that just got here today. We'll see after that.