Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scientology under attack

Well folks, the inevitable has happened. The whackjob Scientologists have pissed off enough computer savvy people to get themselves into a predicament. A group called "Anonymous", who have been responsible for quite a few news worthy events/pranks/hacks/what-have-you, have targeted them head on with denial of service attacks (DDOS Explained) shutting down almost any site on the internet relating to Scientology. They've apparently taken down the big 5 and have real time status updates on the remaining ones (not linking to that one, sorry). They've also apparently acquired ALOT of highly confidential material from the church of Scientology and are distributing it (which is apparently a big deal because they have been known to charge their members up to $900 per cd for some of this stuff). Its made national news in Britain already (video) and probably has in the US too. Here is an older Fox news story on Anonymous and a Wikinews article on Anonymous' statement here. Below is the video statement that Anonymous released via You Tube a couple days ago (before anyone started taking any of this seriously).

Is there a lesson to be had here? Yep...don't piss off computer geeks.

Edit: The animated GIF I had posted here has already been taken down from the server it was on. For a quick and dirty background on most ridiculous religion in the world, click here.

Update 1: Anonymous has acquired the 15 disc "spirit of man" set of cds, which is apparently a huge deal because they are extremely rare and ultra expensive (god knows why) and are distributing them on public torrents. They also have 2-3 discs worth of classified documents from the leaders of the church. All their targets have been taken down so far, and they are trying like hell to take down the big boy, which is being protected by Prolexic (security company).

Update2: Ruh Roh....looks like they got too! Apparently now there are between 9000-10000 people active participating in the attack (with at least a few of them being bot-net hearders that control a shit ton of compromised computers). Below is another video that Anonymous/Chanology has put together of some of the footage that started this whole thing:

Here is the traffic graph that shows when they got through Prolexic and took down the .org site:

Here is a synopsis of "Project Chanology"

Update 3: Alright, so all was quiet for a while last night, then apparently someone took offense to the Chans or Anonymous or whatever calling themselves hackers, as they really don't hack anything as much as cause trouble with DDOS attacks and shit like that (script kiddies). So a group of hackers called The Regime hacked (one of the main chan sites) and posted this message in place of their homepage:

The Regime doesnt have an opinion on the war on CoS.
in fact we couldnt give 2 shits about scientology.
but we do have an opinion on lame "hacker" groups.
your site has been rm, your backups have also been rm.
all your db are belong to us.

They followed this with by posting some of the chans email addresses and irc chat logs along with the message "The moral of this guys are not hackers". It looks like they've taken down chan's insurgency wiki (list of procedures, targets and tools for attacking the scientology sites). The top google results for are all returning links to live viruses as well. Some of the Anons are speculating that the Regime was contracted by the Church of Scientology for a little push back.

Update 4: Over the last day has been taken down and put back up a few times, and it seems like there are all kinds of groups of people getting in on the action. The FBI has been monitoring the IRC channels where these guys are actually giving out orders and setting targets, so they've been bouncing around alot. The 711 site was the homebase where they would get the current channels to join, but it looks like since they've been getting attacked a whole bunch too, the 711chan's networks have left the battle (just the networks, not the members). It sound like things are getting really loose on their end with a bunch of newbs blabbing about plans and letting out info (violating rules 1 and 2). The Anons managed to deface the Regime website as well, posting all their personal info (w/SSNs apparently) in place of their homepage. Last night, when the Anons were being DDOS'd (ironically) the ip traces they were getting were FROM! So, they were being attacked from the network they were attacking. If you remember the previous posts, Prolexic (perimeter security company) was securing, well, the perimeter. So, in other words, all the traffic had to go through them, so it looks like they might have actually been attacking back (which I have to think is against their business model). The word is that all these DDOS attack against the church of scientology are just preperation for "Phase 4" which they're doing a pretty good job of keeping under wraps. I do know that there is supposed to be some pretty newsworthy stuff going down 2/10/08, that is the date that keeps getting mentioned.


jshea said...


all i can say is wow!!!

squez said...

More power to the computer geeks out there. It just goes to show you where the power really is.

Shelly Fire said...

Brought to you by the same people that brought you Caturday.

Justin Fox said...

Exactly. Invading /b/ is like pissing in an ocean of piss.

Brian said...

This thing is turning into a soap opera. Crazy.

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