Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy day at the Fox household

Jesus I love Craigslist. Sara and I decided we wanted a foosball table. I jumped on CL last night and found a bunch, but I knew this is the one I wanted when I saw it. Its a 6-7 year old Carrom Tournament table, with FACTORY raised corners and a one man goalie setup. Pretty much everything you buy now is a flat playfield with a three-man goalie, and you have to buy a hokey conversion kit to make it a single goalie. Anyway, its mint and I got it for a steal (luckily i was the first one to call, I guess 5-6 people called right after me and were offering him more money). I tell you what, it ain't light, I think its a 175lb cabinet. Not fun to get downstairs. Here it is, in all its glory.


Brian said...

Foosball is not the devil.

The raised corner/single goalie tables are hard to find. I had to look for awhile before I bought that one all those years ago. This one looks pretty similar.

I played some foos over the New Year against Heather's brother. Kicked his butt pretty good. :)

Nice purchase!

Justin Fox said...

Thanks man. Pretty much everything american now is three goalie/flat playfield and all you can do is get a "kit" where you glue those risers in the corners. Not cool. I was super stoked when I found this guy.

Do you still have your table?

Brian said...

No, I sold it when I still lived in GF...just ran out of room in that little house.

Now I sometimes wish that I still had it with how much room we have in the basement, but I probably wouldn't have anyone to play against anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there Fox, This is Adam Dietrich writing to you from Portland Oregon. E-mail me
I too have a beard

Justin Fox said...

Holy shit...Adam Dietrich. I haven't seen you in what, like 10 years almost?

shellyfire said...

Holy shit...Adam Dietrich. I haven't seen you in what, like never years almost?