Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm back

We've been pretty busy around the house, trying to get everything put away, put up, put together, etc. Our little baby lab hasn't been helping the process a whole lot, but we love him anyway. Honestly, he's a very very good dog for being only 7 months old, but sometimes he seems like a terror. I kinda forget that he's still learning and testing his boundaries, every morning when I get out of the shower (and he's out of his kennel roaming around unsupervised) he seems to find something else to get into (underwear, garbage, loaf of garlic bread, ant traps). this morning, he was SOOOOO good and let us sleep in (he just slept on a blanket next to the bed until almost 10:30. We were so suprised....until I looked around and figured what kept him occupied that whole time. He ate my belt. Yep, big ol thick leather belt, just chewed it right up. Oh well. I found him just laying on a pile of my clothes, with a piece of belt hanging out of his mouth. Here are some pics.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

FYI, we're OK

We've been getting some phone calls checking up on us after the news of the big bridge collapse in minneapolis. Its absolutely unreal. If you haven't seen it the 35W/University Ave bridge completely collapsed, dumping cars into the river. I know a few friends and family members have been trying to call me, but every cell phone circuit anywhere near here is full. If you're wondering, we're fine.