Saturday, March 31, 2007

on a side note

If you do decide you ever want to watch the worst movie in history (besides Pink Flamingos) watch "Crank". Its hands down the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen. That is all, thank you.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Another victory for Fox

So, those of you who know me well know that I live on granola bars. I've always loved the Nature Valley old school crunchy one. I don't know if I've ranted about this on here before or not, but heres the quick and dirty: The worst flavor ever is maple brown sugar, and they put it in the otherwise very solid variety pack (which consisted of oats and honey, peanut butter and the shitty maple brown sugar). Those of you who know me also know that I love to email companies and mess with them about their products (I regularly email Jif and bitch about the ratio of crunchies to creamies in the extra crunchy peanut butter, sometimes like twice a week). So I set out on a personal campaign to get them to change the variety pack to include cinnamon or apple or something other than the aforementioned crappy maple brown sugar.

So anyway, I emailed them about a dozen or so time over the course of a couple months (in that oh so convincing way I have) comparing maple brown sugar to the duck billed platypus and shit like that. I think they started to enjoy the emails because I'd get some pretty good responses that actually weren't canned after a while, but I digress. I go into target yesterday to get some essentials and low and behold THEY PUT CINNAMON INTO THE FREAKIN VARIETY PACK!!!!!! Happy day. So in celebration of my victory, here is a pic:

Monday, March 26, 2007


So I decide that I'm looking kinda ragged and need a little trim. I go down to the friendly neighborhood super duper hair cut-o-rama to facilitate this. So, I go in, they punch my phone number in which brings up my info (including the notes on how they cut my hair last time, this is important for later in the story). I take a seat and like 2 minutes later they call my name. I sit down and start the usual bullshit small talk with the lady and she says something like "yea its weird cause your info says 2 on top and something else on the side and its weird cause it says you were here like 6 weeks ago...blah blah" I'm like, "whatever, just cut it". So she proceedes to take a swatch down the middle of my head with a f'n shaver on 2. 2 man, thats two little click away from skin. I just kind yelped like "what the hell are you doing woman!?". She turned white as a sheet and says "you said 2" I reply "yea, two inches not two click on a shaver" so on and so forth. So she says "do you still want me to do the sides with no guard?" "Uh no, thanks, I don't need a fade too, just finish it". So she proceeded to finish my head on 2. So i'm bald. Great. I look like an idiot. I didn't exactly have the strongest hairline anyway, and this definately doesn't help. No pics, sorry.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Aww kittah awww

Thursday, March 22, 2007

For reference...

I forgot, heres the original for reference..

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Best job app evar

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Holy crap

107 mph crash on a BICYCLE!

Click here for crash video

Monday, March 05, 2007

And if that wasn't enough...

We had a virus outbreak today. And i'm the virus guy. I wound up at work for an extra 3 hours today and I'm still working as we speak. Fun fun fun fun.. I should have been a carpenter.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ok ok

I fell like a shit bird because I promised a post and didn't deliver. But in my defense, those of you who know me know that I rarely deliver on time (if at all) when I promise something, so at least I'm consistent. I made it home fine, the roads were fine, ect. I got back to work and have had one hell of a week since. I don't know if any of your (Brain probably) are familiar with ASP (Active Server Pages) but it sucks real bad and I hate it. I've got this application that runs a SQL backend, for keeping track of some sort of stuff for our facilities dept. The application itself sucks anyway, but now they want a web interface for it (which happens to be built in ASP, yeah). So quick and dirty; if you have a database, especially an SQL database, and want to interface with it via a website, or portal or whatever, that page has to be built with something that can interface with it. I use website loosely because its actually a web application but thats not important.

So anyway, the most popular choices for the interface would be 1. Coldfusion, which was all I learned in college and is now pretty much obsolete 2. ASP, otherwise known as .net (dot net), very popular (used to build myspace, etc) but still sucks to work with and 3. PHP, Most of your popular forums on the internet use PHP (PHP BB actually, as the posts are stored in SQL or DB2 database). PHP is hands down the best to work with but of course i don't have that option. Now the fun part....Since this is a web application, it has to interface with whatever is being used to SERVE the page. Ok, so if you're not familiar with what I mean, if you have a web server, then you've got some sort of web serving application running, the best and most popular (something like 80-90% of the internet) is called Apache. Now, thats all good for a straight web site, but unfortunately this is an internal web server that has to use Windows authentication from our domain, so Apache isn't really an option. So then we get to use IIS (Internet Information Services). Its actually built in to every Windows OS now, and it kinda sucks. This all sounds confusing, and it is, but its about to get way worse.

So, IIS has this built in account called "IUSR" which is short for Internet User, and it allows the user to anonomously browse a site (which is important, so you don't have to enter credentials just to get to a site). Anyway, this account is a LOCAL account on the box. Well, we've got a big ass enterprise level network, so our SQL Database server is on its own box (obviously) and our Internal Web server is on its own box. Well, to log into this stupid web app, the IUSR account has to have permission to the sql database. How the hell do you pass through a LOCAL account from another box? I've spent 5 days on the phone with the people that wrote this stupid software and no one can tell me. I'm pretty sure its not possible, so all you should have to do is create a "service" account in Active Directory (just like the account a normal user would have so they could log into the network) and tell IIS to pass it through to the sql database, where it already has permissions. EEEEHHHHH, wrong. Doesn't work. The developers hard coded something into the program that is looking for specific accounts, so now I've been digging through pages and pages of code to try to figure it out. So anyway, I'm sure very little of that made sense, but I figured if I typed it out something might occur to me to fix it....but it didn't.