Monday, January 29, 2007


So the nut brown is technically done bottle conditioning (meaning its carbonated). I tried one the other night and it was "ok". The flavor was pretty good but it still tasted pretty green. I was thinking we may have fermented it a little warm. It had kind of a bitter start, and it finished pretty dry. Anyway, after two weeks its technically "ready" but after reading alot about guys who will let ales sit for 3-4 months before even starting to crack them we decided that they could use a little more time to mellow. Nute told me that when he brewed a batch a while back it sucked right away so he let it cold condition (after it carbonated) for quite a while and it improved significantly. So I threw a couple bottles in the fridge and let them chill for like 48 hours and it got way better, even after just two days.

On another note, I need some help if you've got the resources. I'm trying to come up with some addresses for wedding invites and there are some I can't find. If you know addresses for these folks, please let me know: Paul Ganzer, Karel Pokorny (silent Bob), Nate Schatz, Squez, Brad Schmitz, Hayden Schulte, Steve Wallevand, and John Shea. Thx.

One more thing, my very good friends from "Friends of Yoder" (one of the best bands we were fortunate to get to play alot of gigs with) have a new cd out and it's awesome. Its $15 shipped and well worth every penny. You can order it off of their website. Tell 'em I sent you.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well, we got batch 2 in the bottles. We tasted it and it was pretty good. Its going to be similar to Guiness in the short bottles (the extra stout). It was a little sweet but that should go away during conditioning.

Monday, January 15, 2007

and in other news

We got our first batch of homebrew (the nut brown ale) bottled last weekend. We tasted it to make sure we weren't going to spend a whole night bottling something that tastes like shit (when it comes out of the fermenter, it should basically taste like what its going to just w/o carbonation) and it was actually pretty damn good. After two weeks in the bottles it will carbonate and the flavors will mellow out considerably, so as long as we blow it somewhere in the bottling process, we should be good. We didn't factor in the fact that we will have to bottle our stout next weekend so we don't have nearly enough bottles left for another 5 gallon batch.

We finally got some winter weather out here, its cold as hell and snowy. I imagine its right about the same back in ND (except windier). Ran into Scotty this weekend, that was good. I got an email from Squez and he says New Mexico is good so far, we've been playing phone tag so hopefully I can actually talk to him soon. The wedding plans are coming along (well, Sara's wedding plans are coming along). We just deciding on where to go on our honeymoon now. If we can put the scratch together we're thinking that Tahiti sounds good. I'm not much of a beach guy but it looks pretty awesome there, so I'll give it a shot. We're also trying to figure out where we're going to live, so we've been checking out houses to buy. Man, makes me wish I still lived in ND, housing prices out here are pretty ridiculous. Oh well, we'll figure it out. I leave you with the infamous Macho struttin his stuff.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

beer shots

Heres the primary fermenter, its got the irish stout in it right now:

Heres the Nut Brown in the secondary fermenter, ready to be bottled this weekend:


Batch 2

Batch 2, the Traditional Irish Stout, is on its 3rd day in the fermenter. The Nut Brown has moved to the secondary fermenter and seems to be finishing well. We nailed the temps and aerating the wort with this batch, and had a near explosive initial fermentation the night we pitched it into the primary (4+ inches of brown sludge foam on the sides of the bucket). It seems to have tuckered itself out and it smells incredibly strong. Hopefully it doesn't taste like shit. Anyway, the Nut Brown will be bottled this weekend and will condition for 2 weeks on the shelf. I'll get some pics up for you guys tomorrow or wednesday. I'm going to be in training all week, up in St.Louis Park. I will learn just about everything there is to know about McAfee E Policy Orchestrator, just in case you're interested. Peace.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First Batch...

So we brewed our first batch of homebrew, and after a couple of days wondering if we blew it, I think we are on the right track. I don't know how much you guys know about brewing, but basically you make wort by steeping grains, then adding malt extract, hops and whatever else (brown sugar in our case) and boiling the shit out of it. You do all this in like 2-3 gallons of water to bascially make a concentrate. So you cool it fast, then prepare your yeast, have 3 gallons of water in your fermenter, then pitch it all in to agitate it. Seal that sucker up and she ferments for a week or so, then transfer it to your secondary fermenter for another couple weeks, then bottle, let carbonate for a couple of weeks and viola. So our fermenter is a standard "ale pail" plastic bucket with an airtight lid, with a hole and gasket for an airlock (to let out c02 without letting air and contaminates in). We figured out later that our fermenter water we pitched into was way to cold for the yeast, so it might have gone dormant. We thought that is why we weren't seeing any bubbling action from the airlock. Well, we brainfarted and didn't put any damn liquid in the airlock, so how the shit would we see any bubbles?!? Anyway, we also figured out that our fermenting room was too cold too, so we warmed it up and are now seeing a bubble per second (which is good). Our first batch is going to be a Northern English Smooth Nut Brown Ale (i.e. New Castle). We've got an Irish stout ready to cook this weekend when we transfer the current batch to the secondary fermenter. If any of you are around in about a month, we'll have a little get together and see if we can drink all 5 gallons in one night if your up to it.