Saturday, October 27, 2007


Not much is new round here. I've been slacking on actually updating this thing with content, other than crap I find on the internet. The Bear rousted us up around 7:30 (as per usual) this morning, so we ate breakfast and went for a big walk. He's chillin out now so I've got a little keyboard time. This is the first weekend both of us have been home in a while, so we're not exactly sure what to do with ourselves. I know there is a trip to Home Depot in order sometime here, and I think Sara was going to take Bear to Petsmart for something. He's getting big man. Last time he went to the vet he was pushing 50 pounds! The girl we got him from said she was told he'd never break 40. Although, I think he's doing more growing out than up these days (lots of greenies and treats).

I've got a batch of Belgian Whitbier in the secondary fermenter that needs to be bottled tomorrow. Its (hopefully) going to be sort of a cross between Blue Moon and Leinie's Sunset Wheat. It was kinda weird when I racked it from the primary fermeneter to the secondary. Usually, there is this layer of shit foam on the top while its fermenting right away (krausen) that falls after the first day or two. When I opened this guy, there was a layer of nasty, slimy brown foam on the top that wasn't going anywhere. It looked like it was actually yeast, because the sides had a peanut butter looking paste on them (like the stuff that usually settles out to the bottom). When I took a whiff of it, I almost passed out. It was like pure ammonia. But, I let it rest for a little bit and racked it and it smelled fine, so I don't think its actually infected. I think I may have just gotten a shot of pure CO2 that was hanging on top when I opened it. Anyway, I'll taste it tomorrow before bottling, and if it sucks I'll toss it I guess. No use in filling 50 bottles with shit you'll never drink. I'm out, peace.


Brian said...

Vontoux and Willa love the Greenie's. It's too bad that they are like $35 for a box.

Nice cat pic.

shellyfire said...

I like the new blog layout. Much less gay.

Justin Fox said...

Yea, Greenies are a bitch. Our neighbor whose dog died gave us a big bag of the "jumbo" ones which are way way to big for bear, but we've just been breaking them in half.

Shellyfire - Thanks, I think.