Friday, October 05, 2007

Almost home

Some nasty weather blew into Tahoe last night, and this morning it was snowing pretty hard up there. We managed to make it to Reno this afternoon and chilled the rest of the day with Callahan (Ganzer's roommate who is a ski rep for Dynastar). Managed to take a power nap and now we're deciding where to eat. We heard there is an "In and Out Burger" over by the brewery, so we're probably going to have to hit that up.

Funny story about yesterday. Kev and I got done with a big dinner with the field sales guys, came back to the hotel and decided we needed to head out and tie one on. Our hotel is just a block or so off main street, and Heavenly Village (where the gondola and all the ski shops are) is between us, so we went to cut through there on this walking path. We're about to start on the path when some lady starts yelling at us about bears. So we went over and talked to her and apparently there was a black bear cub up this crabapple tree that hangs over the path, and momma was about 5 feet to our right on the other side of the trail, ready to rock. Someone came out and chased them off, but we were like 10 feet from walking in between them. Nonetheless we weren't detoured, and made it safely to the bar and got drunk.


shellyfire said...

you were headed to gay bear territory

Justin Fox said...

Word, bear love exchange.