Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Boots is missing

Well, this is going to sound pretty strange, but here it goes:

Shea called me the other day wondering if I'd talked to Bootsy (Adam Cariveau) lately. Apparently he's gone missing, and his parents, friends and family can't find him. His phone is disconnected, he quit his job, moved out of his place, etc.

Bootsy is kind of nortorious for doing things like this (vanishing into the woods for 3 weeks, stuff like that) but its very weird that absolutely no one has heard from him. He went from talking to his folks on the phone EVERY day to just nothing, and its been over a month now that no one has seen or heard from him. He was living in Hutchinson MN going to school, but apparently no one can track him down. His folks are going to file a missing persons report this week I believe, but I was hoping that one of you had run across him somewhere.


Eric said...

Holy shit. The last contact I had with Boots was on April 2nd, 2007. He responded back to an email. Other than that I haven't heard anything from him or of him.

Simmons said...

Last time I saw Adam Cariveau was at wrestling practice in 1994. Not sure if that helps or not :)

andrew olmstead said...

as a close friend of the cariveau family, i have been following this subject pretty religiously, and i am pleased to say that adam HAS contacted his parents on sept.12. adam is no longer missing, so we can all live at peace...sweet