Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Save Internet Radio

I love internet radio. It is hands down one of the best things that the internet provides (for free no less). The bastards at the RIAA are going to try to raise the royalty rate (which is already way way too high, and I'm a musician) between 400-1200%! This is going to basically stop internet radio broadcasters dead in their tracks. No one wants them to do it, not musicians, not radio stations, no one. They are basically blood sucking corporate money whores who want more.

There is one station called Soma FM that is awesome. I've listened to it almost daily for years now. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose it. I listen to Minnesota Public Radio via webcast, The Current, and pretty much every other station I can over the web. Please take 2 minute and fill out the online petition on It will generate a fax that will be sent to your congress-people. Please pass this on to whoever you think will do the same. Thanks.


squez said...

I would have to agree with Fox on this one. I too listen to internet radio daily, especially the station, which i suggest everyone check out. This type of project is wil affect more people then they are aware of. So please support this cause.

G-reg said...

Crap, they have found out that the "Industry" and Clear Channel have made FM radio torture to listen to. Not to allow a good thing to flourish they now must kill internet radio. I've actually bought quite a bit of music because I was exposed to a new artist on internet radio. I guarantee that I wasn't running out to buy a Nickleback CD the third time it played in an hour between equally gay radio DJ's and commercials.

Justin Fox said...

Exactly right. I've bought a bunch of stuff because I heard it on somafm. This is pretty much all about the RIAA and Clear Channel being in bed with each other, and trying to exploit listeners even more than they already have. I personally haven't listened to FM radio (other than the Current or MPR) in years. I can't stand the asshole dj's that love to hear themselves talk.