Friday, April 27, 2007

POLL TIME!!!!111!!

Action item #1:

Does Squez have diabetes....yes or no.


Sara said...

I heard he has 2 diabetes, and he got at least one of them from you, honey.

Justin Fox said...

Please see the following entry:

Brian said...

If Foxy was carrying diseases during his employment at SBS, then I'm sure that I'm contaminated as well.

I better get that checked out.

Justin Fox said...

Oh Brain, I'm sure whatever diseases you contracted from me during our tenure at sbs are totally casual.

squez said...

If i do have diabetes, It would be news to me, but hey who knows what you can get from the sbs crew; though I am not so sure about the newer members, the group I started with was definitely a different breed then what is representing the store (with a couple exceptions, and you know who you are) at the present moment.