Tuesday, February 27, 2007

oh my

So I decided to head back to B-mark this weekend to take care of some wedding stuff with Sara. I took Friday off, so I left Thursday night after work and made it home w/o incident. True to form (and my luck with traveling) the mother of all winter storms rolls through over the weekend dumping (from what I hear) around a foot of snow on the cities and surrounding area. This storm got pushed by a front that dumped freezing rain of all things all along 94 in ND and alot of MN as well so I got stuck once again. I decided to work from here (sara's folks house) today and am leaving tomorrow morning to try to make it back. I think the roads are cleaned up by now, but I hear there is another storm that is coming through tomorrow night or wednesday morning. Anway, I've been informed that I've been neglegent in my postings, so this is my update until I get home.


pw said...

Good call on staying the day. We watched people hit the ditch Sunday on Hwy 2, so I can imagine the driving mentality of I94 would have been even better. How is the wedding planning going?

Shelly said...

You pussy. Drive the roads. Be a man.

Shelly Fire said...

Oh wait, I forgot that your little euro car can't handle precipitation. M'bad.

Pat M said...

Mother nature hates you. What did you do to her?

Justin Fox said...

1. wedding plans went well, got alot of stuff finalized

2. I'll kill you in the mouth

3. see #2

4. I'm not sure why mother nature hates me so much. This shit happens pretty much every time I go anywhere.

pw said...

I thought you were going to putup a new post when you got back. It must have been a long trip, as there is no new post.
Since it's been a long time since I drove from BIS to MSP, I'll have to ask the comment group how many days it takes them to travel this distance.

Anonymous said...

give fox a break, he is irish and has to get his leprechaun suit ready for st. paddy's day.

Eric said...

"2. I'll kill you in the mouth


Shelly Fire said...

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Justin Fox said...

LMAO at Woot paradox!