Monday, January 29, 2007


So the nut brown is technically done bottle conditioning (meaning its carbonated). I tried one the other night and it was "ok". The flavor was pretty good but it still tasted pretty green. I was thinking we may have fermented it a little warm. It had kind of a bitter start, and it finished pretty dry. Anyway, after two weeks its technically "ready" but after reading alot about guys who will let ales sit for 3-4 months before even starting to crack them we decided that they could use a little more time to mellow. Nute told me that when he brewed a batch a while back it sucked right away so he let it cold condition (after it carbonated) for quite a while and it improved significantly. So I threw a couple bottles in the fridge and let them chill for like 48 hours and it got way better, even after just two days.

On another note, I need some help if you've got the resources. I'm trying to come up with some addresses for wedding invites and there are some I can't find. If you know addresses for these folks, please let me know: Paul Ganzer, Karel Pokorny (silent Bob), Nate Schatz, Squez, Brad Schmitz, Hayden Schulte, Steve Wallevand, and John Shea. Thx.

One more thing, my very good friends from "Friends of Yoder" (one of the best bands we were fortunate to get to play alot of gigs with) have a new cd out and it's awesome. Its $15 shipped and well worth every penny. You can order it off of their website. Tell 'em I sent you.


Eric said...

Wanna see a magic trick? K, download this pic to your pc, rename it from .jpg to .mp3, play in media player of choice.