Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Batch 2

Batch 2, the Traditional Irish Stout, is on its 3rd day in the fermenter. The Nut Brown has moved to the secondary fermenter and seems to be finishing well. We nailed the temps and aerating the wort with this batch, and had a near explosive initial fermentation the night we pitched it into the primary (4+ inches of brown sludge foam on the sides of the bucket). It seems to have tuckered itself out and it smells incredibly strong. Hopefully it doesn't taste like shit. Anyway, the Nut Brown will be bottled this weekend and will condition for 2 weeks on the shelf. I'll get some pics up for you guys tomorrow or wednesday. I'm going to be in training all week, up in St.Louis Park. I will learn just about everything there is to know about McAfee E Policy Orchestrator, just in case you're interested. Peace.


pw said...

Then will you be a McAfee conductor and a brew meister? Keep weekend of Feb. 17th open, and some beer fresh, I'll e-mail you as to why.

Justin Fox said...

Sounds good, I'll keep it open.