Monday, January 15, 2007

and in other news

We got our first batch of homebrew (the nut brown ale) bottled last weekend. We tasted it to make sure we weren't going to spend a whole night bottling something that tastes like shit (when it comes out of the fermenter, it should basically taste like what its going to just w/o carbonation) and it was actually pretty damn good. After two weeks in the bottles it will carbonate and the flavors will mellow out considerably, so as long as we blow it somewhere in the bottling process, we should be good. We didn't factor in the fact that we will have to bottle our stout next weekend so we don't have nearly enough bottles left for another 5 gallon batch.

We finally got some winter weather out here, its cold as hell and snowy. I imagine its right about the same back in ND (except windier). Ran into Scotty this weekend, that was good. I got an email from Squez and he says New Mexico is good so far, we've been playing phone tag so hopefully I can actually talk to him soon. The wedding plans are coming along (well, Sara's wedding plans are coming along). We just deciding on where to go on our honeymoon now. If we can put the scratch together we're thinking that Tahiti sounds good. I'm not much of a beach guy but it looks pretty awesome there, so I'll give it a shot. We're also trying to figure out where we're going to live, so we've been checking out houses to buy. Man, makes me wish I still lived in ND, housing prices out here are pretty ridiculous. Oh well, we'll figure it out. I leave you with the infamous Macho struttin his stuff.


pw said...

You haven't missed the weather here. No snow in a couple of weeks, and the last couple of days had highs in the negative single digits. Throw in the perverse "no wind days that look beautiful" and you later find out that the reason your bike feels slow is that it was -18. And then you start thinking -18 felt better than the -13 and the 15 mph wind the day before. How do those monks meditate in just a sheet at 10,000 feet?

pw said...

Is Macho attempting the "Hide a large Heineken behind the stereo trick?"