Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mad Chaska Style

Actually no, cause Chaska ain't go no kind of style. So, I reaped one benefit of corporate life yesterday .. free box seat tickets to the Timberwolves vs Celtics game. Yep, Rosemount owns a box at the Target center and every now and again the IT department gets it. Its pretty sweet man, I don't even really like basketball all that much but live games are pretty sweet when you've got free booze, free food and your own bathroom. So, we hit that up and watch the freshly traded (to the celtics none the less) Wally Szerbiak suck it up. The Wolves pretty much handed the Celtics their asses. But, like I said, I don't really care, it's just fun to get to do somthing cool for free. Speaking of work, we've been working like crazy trying to get a bunch of laptops configured for some big wigs for some kind of trade show, so theres been quite a few time crunches. I guess they're makin me earn that paper. Not much else is new out here, my house is still a dump but what can you do. I'm not any closer to gettin rich, it seems like right about when you start gettin ahead the end of the month shows up and your broke again. Another piece of advice, if you buy an Ipod of any kind, get some better earbuds and you'll never look back. I just picked up a pair of half decent sony's and they're amazing compared to the crap they give you with the Ipod. In honor of the Wolves victory over Boston, I'm posting a lovely picture of myself and the illustrious Bootsy from about 4am one night after a show (slightly faded as I recall). If you see the Boot, give him a little sqeeze from me (and Shea).

Monday, January 23, 2006


Hey everyone, its monday again and yes, I was damn near (really) late for work again today. I suck at mondays. Anyhow, my buddy Kevin is working at Rosemount with me now, so he's staying with me and today was his first day of work. Thank god too, because he woke me up just in time to get to work. I woke up with a magazine on my face, light on, no alarm set. Must have just crashed. So its good to have someone to split the rent with, it makes it a little easier to live in a shitbox. This probably won't mean much to alot of you but I'm going to spout about it anyway: We use a global network client (VPN, AGNS) for field users and employees to access our network with their laptops when away from the office. So, a whole lot of people use it. AT&T, who's software we use, kindly lets us know that our software is out of date and will stop working with their servers...right about Thursday. So now we've got hundreds of people (many of which don't live within a thousand miles, or even on the same continent for that matter) that need to get the old software off and the new software on and configured. This may not sound bad but when you consider many of these people can barely check their email, it ain't lookin good (and it can be difficult to configure on top of that). So, I'm going to be trying to explain to complete pedestrians about proxy servers and AGNS for the next few days non stop. Should be interesting.

I'm getting alot of use out of the Ipod Nano my parents bought me for christmas, it's pretty sweet. I'm waiting on the Itrip Nano FM Transmitter to come off backorder so I can use it in my car, but that'll probably be a month or so. BTW, if your lookin for somthing sweet to check out for tunes, get The Cosmic Game by Thievery Corporation, I've been listening to it non stop for a couple weeks now. Its downtempo, electronic dub type stuff, really cool (one of their other albums, The Outernational Sound is one of my favorites too. I'm thinking that I'm going to need some new tunes again here soon, so I'll let you know what I come up with. I'm still saving up to get my chip and exhaust for my Audi, hopefully in a couple months. I also found some sick rims that are rep's of the wheels from a new RS4, heres a link to them Wheels Mang They're pretty sweet man. We'll see what happens on the cash flow front. I don't know how much you guys know about tires, but fitting 235/45/18's on their isn't going to be cheap. Anyhow, till next time.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Brokeback partnership

Yea, not real sure what else to say about that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bow chica wow wow....

Hey, I'm back for a short one. Sara and I set a date, we're getting married June 9th 2007, in Bismarck, so make it out if you can. I never thought there'd be so many details this soon, I figured we'd wait a year and then start planning but I guess thats not how it works. Sooo, other than that I've just been working like mad, we've had a lot of blowouts this week with Oracle stuff and random VPN issues, so I've been putting in some extra time. Chasin the paper man. I hope everyone is well and 2006 is treating you kindly. No real progress with the slumlord, they suck and they know it. I did, however, bitch out my neighbors the other day because they managed to keep me up past 2:00am on a Sunday night. It was a last straw kind of deal, I basically told them I'm calling the cops next time somthing like that happens. It's funny, they have a damn newborn and it doesn't make any noise at all, its all them. Anyhow, a week later to the day, they had been pretty quiet, but right around 2:00am I start hearing noises through the wall, which wound up being them screwing, real loud. I was about to get up and pound the holy hell out of the wall but I started laughing so hard I couldn't. I made sure I laughed loud enough they heard me, and haven't heard shit since. My buddy Drew had a good idea; set up a stereo and put the speakers facing the wall, when they start doing it play that "best around" song from Over the Top really loud. That should ruin their good time. Have it cued up and ready to rock for when "the mood" strikes. So, keep it real, I do.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I'll be back

I know I've been neglecting my duties in the blogosphere, but swear I'll post somthing worthwhile soon, but until then, another masterpiece (mang).

Monday, January 02, 2006

New years and whatnot

Well I hope all of you had a good new years. My friends and I have kind of all agreed that new years is like an amature night for drinking and driving, so generally I stay away from partying to much, and for the last however many years I've had a gig on new years (good money night). So this year, I decided to forgoe all that and get engaged. Yep, Sara and I are getting married. We have no idea when, but it will probably be in Bismarck. I love going home but leaving sucks, it really makes me realize how much I liked our house in Grand Forks. That and how much Sara really kept me in line, and kept things in order at home. I'm not exactly sure how i've gotten by thus far out here by myself actually. Luck probably. So, happy 2006 everyone. Even you Squez.