Thursday, October 12, 2006

BWCA '06

I finally got some of the pics back from our Boundary Waters trip. I'll put up a few a day for a couple days to break up the excitement, as I'm sure its hard for you all to contain yourselves.

The Morning Drive up (note the Old Style)

In the Bunk House the night before (Note the Old Style)
A view of Pine Lake
Scotty at Johnson's Falls

Me chillin at camp
I'll try to get some more posted in the next day or two.


pw said...

Your secret was safe, until you showed the photo of your mutant powers of holding your foot in your hand. No wonder a van is in front of your place, loading up your stuff lying in the street. I don't know what that mutant power did for you anyway, could you explain?

brian said...

What a bunch of hotties.

Anonymous said...


Justin Fox said...

Soupcan is DEFNIATELY packin.