Thursday, June 01, 2006

We need your help

Well, I know I promised fun office pranks but Sara and I need your help. As you know I moved to Minneapolis for a good job, and Sara is still living in our house in GF. She has an externship in Bismarck beginning in December. We let our landlords know that she is moving in December to make sure it would be alright to extend our lease until then. Our landlords are very nice people but elderly (and they live in Northwood) so it is next to impossible for them to show units during the winter. So they found someone to move in to our place in August. This puts Sara in a very bad situation, trying to find a place to live for a few months before she has to move to Bismarck, not to mention all of our stuff that we'd have to find a place during this time.

I managed to get them to agree to give me until July 1st (when our original lease is up) to let me find our own renters to take our place in December. I know alot of you guys have been to our house and know how sweet of a deal it is; on the dead end right on the park, huge garage, nice yard, quiet neighboorhood close to just about everything. Its pretty ideal and I was super hesitant to even move because I loved living there so much (not to mention its super cheap). So what I'm asking for is to get the word out for us. We would need someone to commit to moving in to our house December 1st of this year, before July 1st. If you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to ask me, I can lay out all the expenses for you, everything. So we need your help guys, we would GREATLY appreciate anything you can do. Thanks.


pw said...

I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you. Send me an e-mail with a ball-park break down so I know what I'm telling people.

Justin Fox said...

You got it man.

Justin Fox said...

W, whats your email address? You can send me an email at my gmail address if you want and i'll reply to it w/the details.

Shelly Fire said...

From what I understand, I certain "rooty-roo" will be moving in.