Saturday, May 06, 2006

Puttin it down Chaska style

Well everyone, the saga of my versus the evil slumlords is over. I managed to get them to settle, we signed the paperwork, told 'em they sucked, and walked away. Life is back to normal in our new house, its really nice. We're the shadiest guys in the neighborhood though, but that's alright. We're going out to get a new mower later today since our landlord (as cool as he is) gave us a $40 wal-mart special that you can't even adjust the height on. We gave it back and said we'd take care of it. So, other than that, life is good. We've got a big kitchen, 3 living rooms, a finished basement with a theatre room, two car garage, corner lot, and a fireplace. It's all good. If you're coming to the SW Metro, look us up, we've got more than enough room to accomodate.

We've been on a spending spree at work as well, they bought us all Blackberries. We were pretty firmly against having to carry those things around, but the top brass decided we needed access to our email and network resources all the time. So, we got em. They're actually pretty cool. They interface with our Exchange server really well, giving us access to our global address list lookup and pretty much anything else available in Outlook. Plus they have possibly the greatest game ever installed.......Brickbreaker. I've burned up good chunks of my day playing Brickbreaker. Plus, if you want to look like a pretensious prick, theres no better way than walking around with a Blackberry. Unless of course, you have a bluetooth earpiece for it (which we do now) then you look like a REAL prick. Thats all for now, keep it real. I do.


Shelly Fire said...

Can I have a Blackberry?

Justin Fox said...

You bet.

Anonymous said...

look out for carpal tunnel there foxrocket!
you probably already have it,
from you know what.
with the stuff, and the plunger, you know.

brian said...

Oh Foxy, you came and you made me a turkey.
On my vacation away from workee.

Justin Fox said...

ARRRRRRRRRRR....The Hotpants

Anonymous said...

ohhh Candy GlitterButton yuppie...i always knew it was somewhere deep in you. just like the rest of those yuppies. i'm going to be laughing at the thought of you cruising in your audi on your blackberry for days LMAO

Anonymous said...

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