Friday, April 28, 2006

Slumlord update..part deux

I got a call from the slumlord who was all of the sudden real eager to get this all taken care of and a little overly nice as well. I didn't really think anything of it at the time, but after Kevin and I got to talking about it, we think they may have actually re-rented the place already and are basically trying to double up on a months rent (which was the offer we gave them, one months rent). Sooo, if this is the case, and someone else has signed a lease already (while their technically paid up by me for another 3 days) then I don't owe them a damn thing. She wants to meet tomorrow (and strangely enough, not at the old place). So, I'm going to take a little drive by the old place first and see what I can see.


Shelly Fire said...

Bring a video camera. You can tape legally from the street or sidewalk and it will be admisbale in court.

Simmons said...

Foxy! What's the latest news with the GGFGRPS. Brian is coming up in a couple of weeks and we were wondering if the series is a go for this year? Are you coming up any time soon? I miss you :)

Justin Fox said...

Oh Joseba, you're so sweet. I think the series can never really die; its alive in everyone of us, and the children too. Oh man that was gay, sorry bout that. Yea, I'll be back soon enough. I'll give a heads up and hopefully we can organize a rally.

Shelly Fire said...

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