Thursday, April 27, 2006

Slumlord update

Looks like I've struck a deal with my old slumlord, so there won't be any litigation. With the help of a good lawer who's a member of the local Audi club, a letter and some stern words I finally got him to agree to let me out of the lease. I guess by moving out and not giving them any options, I called their bluff. It's not final yet (the release hasn't been signed) but it will be next week. Soooo, looks like we're all good and not in the hood. BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Shelly Fire said...

sure, that's great for you, but what in the hell are we going to read about now? :(

brian said...

David Hasselhoff.

Justin Fox said...

I may start in with threads about this crazy chick I work with. Believe me, I work in Office Space man, I'll come up with something.