Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I'm going to punch through my bedroom wall and ring my shithead neighbors necks in about 30 seconds if they don't put a sock in it. I have a meeting at 8:00am and right now its 1:45am, and they were screwing for about 20 minutes, BUT this time their god damn bed was banging on the wall to add to the ambience. Now, they've apparently got a whole lot to talk about, because they won't shut up. I'm moving. I'm just going to move and let them come after me because I can't take this shit any more. I'm a grown man who doesn't even want to come home from work because I live in a total shit box. Unreal.


brian said...

Heather has heard our neighbors screwing as well.

Unfortunately I haven't. :(

Shelly Fire said...

Jamies water just broke

Justin Fox said...

Oh my, all kinds of baby makin these days!!