Saturday, April 08, 2006

OMFG part 2

So the last post refered to Tuesday night. Wednesday night I actually was able to get some sleep....BUT....Apparently my roommate Kevin had a run in of his own. So my roommate sleeps on the couch downstairs. I know, its kinda weird, but he didn't want to move a bunch of his crap in, just in case we had to move fast (like were going to, don't worry, I'll explain that too). So anyway, the other bedroom has got some computers in it, along with our linux file server. So he's dead ass asleep down there, and the idiots come home at like 12:30 or somthing. He falls back asleep and is woken up by them watching a movie at full blast and laughing their asses off really loud (for 15 minutes solid I guess, like real stupid and stoned watching cartoons laugh). So he pounds on the wall. They shut up for like 10 minutes and start up again even louder. So he pounds on the wall again (he said he's lucky there was a stud there or he would have proabably went through it). This is followed with a little "feedback" from the shitty neighbors. Pretty obscene feedback. So my roommate is a calm guy but you probably don't want to piss him off because he'll tear your face off. The next day at 10am I talked to a lawyer who will take care of this bullshit situation quickly adn effectively. Then bam, the house we were all going to rent got rented out. So now I'm about to let this lawyer loose on my slumlords without a place to go. Shit. And our already poor situation with our neighbors has deteriorated to an even worse level. Oh well, we'll see what I can come up with by monday.

On a lighter note, Contratulations to Macho and Jamie! They had a baby girl yesterday, thus proving their sex organs still work! Way to go guys! I'll be in GF next weekend, I'll have to stop by and see her. So, everyone have a good weekend, I'm out.


brian said...

It sounds like you might have problems with your neighbors. Is that a correct assumption?


Justin Fox said...