Sunday, March 05, 2006

Red Headed Stranger

So, I was checking in with my buddy Cactus from my old dirty country band, the Legionnaires, and they were giving me the low down on whats been happening since I left. He was talking about their website updates and stuff, and then he mentioned that they had a myspace page now and said somthing about Willie Nelson and then he had to go. So, I check their myspace page, and there is some dude calling himself Willie Nelson that is one of their "friends" (I don't know if your familiar with myspace, but people can add themselves as friends to your site I guess). So I'm thinking that its some dumbass that calls himself Willie Nelson and so on and so forth. Nope, its Willie Nelson. I checked it out and its the official myspace page from his record label or some shit. So apparently Willie Nelson has heard the Legionnaires, which means he's heard me play since at least a few of the recordings on there are from when I still played with them. Crazy huh?! Man, that shit is crazy. Heres the link to the Legionnaires site and you'll see the link to the myspace page if you want to check it out. So, Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down and we'll catch ya later, Mang.

P.S. If any one see's Wallevand, tell that cracker to say whats up.


brian said...

You were always on my mind.