Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mad Chaska Style

Actually no, cause Chaska ain't go no kind of style. So, I reaped one benefit of corporate life yesterday .. free box seat tickets to the Timberwolves vs Celtics game. Yep, Rosemount owns a box at the Target center and every now and again the IT department gets it. Its pretty sweet man, I don't even really like basketball all that much but live games are pretty sweet when you've got free booze, free food and your own bathroom. So, we hit that up and watch the freshly traded (to the celtics none the less) Wally Szerbiak suck it up. The Wolves pretty much handed the Celtics their asses. But, like I said, I don't really care, it's just fun to get to do somthing cool for free. Speaking of work, we've been working like crazy trying to get a bunch of laptops configured for some big wigs for some kind of trade show, so theres been quite a few time crunches. I guess they're makin me earn that paper. Not much else is new out here, my house is still a dump but what can you do. I'm not any closer to gettin rich, it seems like right about when you start gettin ahead the end of the month shows up and your broke again. Another piece of advice, if you buy an Ipod of any kind, get some better earbuds and you'll never look back. I just picked up a pair of half decent sony's and they're amazing compared to the crap they give you with the Ipod. In honor of the Wolves victory over Boston, I'm posting a lovely picture of myself and the illustrious Bootsy from about 4am one night after a show (slightly faded as I recall). If you see the Boot, give him a little sqeeze from me (and Shea).


brian said...

I need to talk with The Fox!

Justin Fox said...

Oh Bill Bridges, how I miss thyne doubled up barends where the bar tape did flow like our love off into the sunset....thats a shit ton of bar tape BTW.

Shelly Fire said...

I saw Phish from the Thrivent Finacial Box seats at the Target. Very nice.