Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bow chica wow wow....

Hey, I'm back for a short one. Sara and I set a date, we're getting married June 9th 2007, in Bismarck, so make it out if you can. I never thought there'd be so many details this soon, I figured we'd wait a year and then start planning but I guess thats not how it works. Sooo, other than that I've just been working like mad, we've had a lot of blowouts this week with Oracle stuff and random VPN issues, so I've been putting in some extra time. Chasin the paper man. I hope everyone is well and 2006 is treating you kindly. No real progress with the slumlord, they suck and they know it. I did, however, bitch out my neighbors the other day because they managed to keep me up past 2:00am on a Sunday night. It was a last straw kind of deal, I basically told them I'm calling the cops next time somthing like that happens. It's funny, they have a damn newborn and it doesn't make any noise at all, its all them. Anyhow, a week later to the day, they had been pretty quiet, but right around 2:00am I start hearing noises through the wall, which wound up being them screwing, real loud. I was about to get up and pound the holy hell out of the wall but I started laughing so hard I couldn't. I made sure I laughed loud enough they heard me, and haven't heard shit since. My buddy Drew had a good idea; set up a stereo and put the speakers facing the wall, when they start doing it play that "best around" song from Over the Top really loud. That should ruin their good time. Have it cued up and ready to rock for when "the mood" strikes. So, keep it real, I do.