Monday, December 19, 2005

Back in Action

Well, since the last update, the audi started running like shit, idled all crazy and was running really rough where it seemed like it was running rich (soot on the exhaust tips). I thought it may be an 02 sensor, or Mass Airflow Sensor going out causing a bad air/fuel mix. So I talked to Carousel Audi, took it in last night and got it back today and its badder than ever. They reset the ECU (engine computer), did a throttle body alignment and updated the engine software. Runs like a dream. I also noticed a while back that there was a crack in the drivers seat, so I called Audi USA and they hemed and hawed, talked to other people who did the same saying that Audi probably wouldn't warranty it because it's not on a seam. Well, I mentioned it to the service advisor and they ordered me a new leather seat cover, under warranty. God bless Germans and their warranties.

My neighbors are still loud as shit, and now they've got some fat guy sleeping on their couch who doesn't really help the situation. He's been there for damn near a week, so in a day or two I'm going to find out what the deal is, cause he better not be a permenant fixture. I wrote my slumlord a note saying that I want the lease dropped to 6 months, gave them a line about how it will be easier for them to re rent the place during the summer and all that. They decided not to respond so I was gearing up to just leave and let them come after me if they wanted. I talked to a bunch of lawyers and had a real nasty letter all ready to go, in the mail tomorrow. Well, the slumlord's husband stopped by to talk about a computer or somthing, like I'm seriously going to help him out with it..sure buddy. So I cornered him before he got a chance to slither away and confronted him about the 6 month deal, and he seemed a little more open to it than i thought. So, we'll see. I'm leavin anyway but it'd be nice to do it on fairly good terms with no legal bullshit. I'm also revoking all those comments I made about my neighbors being good kids too, they're shitty and I'm going to trounce that ex-goth bible banger and drop kick his chihuahua down senic Walnut street next time I catch him outside. It might be worth a night in the clam to see his mascara run. I'm going to get my stereo set up soon, put the speakers directly against my bedroom wall, get reeeeeeal drunk, and at like 3:00 am one night I'm going to play "Proud to be and American" with the volume on 11. And I'm going to scream along like Ted Nugent. Actually I'll probably wait until they have their baby so it will wake up and scream along with me. Then I'll leave so they have to deal with it and I don't. Then, I'll come home like 2 hours later and do it again.


Shelly Fire said...

As a big fan of your blog entries, I kinda wish you would stay where you are. Genuine lol-ing over here. So, how much $$ have you dumped into this Audio since you bought it? Not in upgrades, just in repairs? It might be time for a Canyonero.
Btw, check out my latets feature ;)

Shelly Fire said...

btw, Audio = Audi m'bad.

Anonymous said...

So what you are trying to tell us is that the Audi's hard drive wasn't hooked up quite correctly, and you hadn't done any of the software updates? Glad it's fixed for you, though. Couldn't stand the thought of you having to hitch a ride to work with the neighbors. Definitely would throw a wrench into your stereo plan. Just remember to keep it real with Chuck Norris, and have a good Christmas. pw

Justin Fox said...

Yea, apparently the Audi hadn't been updated to Service Pack 2.

brian said...

I thought that the Audi's came stock with SP2?

You have alot of bottled anger toward your neighbors, and I would love to be around when you unleash it upon them.

Shelly Fire said...

I think the problem is that your Audi is a Mac.

Anonymous said...

Seven steps from Mac to Fox. Kind of seven steps from Kevin Bacon to Fox. Remember, you could have probably fixed the Audi like Chuck, and just stared at it for half an hour until it fixed itself. pw