Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back again

In honor of my triumphant return from the less civilized side of the Mason-Dixon line, I shall post. The trip was good. My parents new house is really sweet, they have an awsome view of Lake Tellico with the Smokey Mountains in the background. I didn't really get a good idea of what the people were like there since everyone that lives around there is from Wisconsin or Illinois or Ohio. I got an Ipod Nano for christmas, which is super sweet except now I have to use Itunes which I've pretty much hated more than any other music software since I discovered it. I managed to get a direct flight from Minneapolis to Knoxville which was good, but since its direct 1.) the ticket was over $200 more than if you switch planes in Detriot, 2.) they pretty much stick you on the greyhound bus of airplanes. But it was worth it considering you show up at the airport and 2 hours later your in Knoxville instead of screwing around with layovers in Detroit. I decided since I got back at 10:30 this morning that I'd go into work for the rest of the day and work on the huge pile of crap on my desk that I have to do. I hope you all had a good christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate, you see, working in the big city has made me multi-cultural). If anyone feels like paying my car insurance for me, feel free. I posted a christmas classic from the SBS days as well, hope you all like it. Peace.


Shelly Fire said...

I hate Jesus, but I had a good Sunday.

Glad to here you survived the plane trip. They are death traps you know.
In case you didn't get my email, here is a link to your Quadro Farwell Show(some of it, anyway)

I have plenty of bandwidth, so pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Deep thoughts by Jack Handy

Instant "street cred"

Word/auto edit/change "the" to "you suck". I imagine good for a few laughs.

Print screen from desk top, photo edit to .bmp, put existing icons to folder, use .bmp image for desktop.

Creative thinking at it's best.

Happy New Year

Shelly Fire said...


G-reg said...

Yes! I miss Santa Squez.

Shelly Fire said...

Congratulations Foxy