Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I'm alive and back at my (hopefully temporary) home in Chaska. It was slow going for a while from Fargo to around Alexandria, after that it opened up a little. After St. Cloud the roads were clear and dry. And as a little added bonus, I managed to just miss all the traffic in the cities. So I guess now its back to work, I hope they're not pissed, there wasn't a whole lot I could do when I-94 was closed. My poor car is a giant ice cube, totally coated in a quarter inch sheet of ice. That'll take a couple months to come off I imagine, at least it'll protect it from door dings. Now I have to square away my drivers license situation (ND license expired, they won't give me a MN license until I show them a birth certificate, waiting on birth certificate to be sent to me) and my license plate situation (bought the car w/o plates and they gave me a temporary tag while waiting for the plates to come in, which expired this weekend) and I'll be all set. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday cards too, I appreciate it. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go kick my furnace that my slumlord so kindly fixed for me (by fixed I mean didn't do shit to).


brian said...

Good to see you survived the ice roads.

Will you be in GF at all over Xmas? Or in B-marck?

Have fun being back at work!

Justin Fox said...

I'm going to probably be in Tenessee over christmas to see my folks. I'm going to try and get up to GF here in early january hopefully. Where are you goin? GF or Michigan?

brian said...

Going home to GF. Heather's parents are coming here the week before Xmas to have a combined TDay/Xmas celebration.

Shelly Fire said...

See you at the Quadro show, meng. Woot woot woot!!