Monday, November 14, 2005

Paper thin walls...round 2

Oh jesus, the baker is at it again, already. So I talked to him 'bout the alarm clock Shania Twain deal and he was really cool about it. I'm thinkin i'm in the clear. I go home for the weekend to see Sara and get back later sunday night and go to bed. 4:45 rolls around and apparently he gets up this early on his days off too, cause he started into listening to some sort of new age sermon business on cd or somthing (he's going to be a minister i guess) really loud. Holy shit. I just don't get it. Do you think normal people get up at 4:45? Do you think that I'm not going to be sleeping? It's not like its 2:30 on a saturday afternoon. They're up laughin and yelling at each other from other rooms in the house while some dude with an exceptionally deep voice (thats rattling my wall) is layin out some hellfire and brimstone 2 hours before the sun even comes up. So now I gotta be the asshole again, cause I'm up and pissed. Its not like I've really even adjusted to getting up at 6:30 yet, so I sure as hell don't need some 20 year old kids waking me up and hour and half before that. Did I mention that these two have a chihuaua? Oh and that she's like 8 months pregnant? So in a month or so i'm goin to have a newborn over there to contend with too, along with the taco bell dog. Regardless, instead of pounding the holy hell out of the wall, I just got up, took a shower, wrote him a note that was firm but still pretty polite, stuck it on his door and went to work. I then drank a million or so gallons of coffee to try and stay alert all day. I think if I ever see the slum lord that owns this place again I'm going to punch her in the mouth and tell her to buy me a burrito.


Simmons said...

Demons be GONE!

Shelly Fire said...

Speaking as a baker, I do not understand the "up early before work" and "Up early on the weekends" thing. I have to be at work by 6am. I get out of bed at 5:50 and get to work about 6:05. I had the day off today and got out of bed at 11am, which i felt was pretty early.

Anonymous said...

get yourself a cow and carve a pentagram in the side of it. then sacrifice it while they are watching and say that it is for their unborn childs health. they will be gone and you will have hamburger for months. nert