Monday, November 28, 2005

Go Figure

Since last night the weather has actually gotten a whole lot worse, which makes me think that braving the icy dark abyss may have actually been a better option since it doesn't look like I'm going anywhere today. I think any of you that know me know that I'll drive through just about anything, but this is totally ridiculous. As of now, there is a quarter inch thick layer of rock hard ice over everything and the snow and wind started up this morning. I was watching the news and the little ticker on the bottom of the screen that shows closings ran for over 4 minutes solid, everything is closed anywhere near here. We'll see what happens later today or tomorrow morning I guess. I posted a screen shot of the current weather radar to give you an idea of the madness ensuing. Peace.


Simmons said...

If you had a Pugsley, you would be home already :)

Shelly Fire said...

I bet you're missing the 4WD right about now.

PhatPat said...

Like driving on the rink behind Hughes Junior High!